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WTF ShouLd I eat ?

WTF should I be eating as an amateur athlete ?


We often receive questions about nutrition here at ATC. This is great because it means you are all smart and understand its value in performance. The questions we receive are pretty complex, so much so that they are pretty difficult to answer. There is , thank god, an easier way to help you and a much more evidence based approach to eating for performance. The best thing to do right now is to clear your head from all the previous gobboldygoop that has been fed to you and read these very basic rules, then follow them!!! and we can guarantee you results.

Rule no. 1 - Eat everything

Rule no.2 - Eat quality

Rule no.3 - Eat Carbs

Rule no.4 - Eat loads

Rule no.5 - Eat for your lifestyle

If you have a look at what real athletes are eating, you will notice that they follow these rules except for allergy reasons.

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