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Focus Focus Focus

Super workshop with @andrey_malanichev today at ATCsports ! Great exchange on theoretical concepts and great practice and feedback session on all the three lifts. It is amazing to learn things from such a champ and pro after my 38 years of lifting - a humbling experience !

The main lesson I take aaay from his seminar is that if you want to be reallet really great at something you need to be 1000% focused.

This means having a real plan - no single compromise on eating, sleeping, lifting - make sure you recover - and tolerate no single distraction - only do the thinga that are necessary to reach your objective - do nothing else.

This is of course an extreme view of a professional athlete - but clearly it is the (only) way top athletes reach extreme performance.

So achievement is all about focus focus focus - I think this lesson is simple but a very hard one... trying to be everything to or for everything or everybody will not lead to real results and will probably make you feel miserable in the process

On the other hand the total focus approach will not make you win popularity contests with all people around you.

Guess for most of us non-top ambition athletes - the lesson is still valid. You need periods of egocentric focus - followed by “off season“ wider focus. Ie we really need to learn to negotiate a bit with the people around you on what you are able and willing to sacrifice - is make a real periodisatiin plan - including tbe social factor management

Actively live your life - and don’t only be “lived”


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