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The early start

Eating is being made very complex by media and experts these days. What to eat, when to eat, when not to eat ... there are proponent and opposing opinions of all kind of diets and intermitting fasting - and when you should, how often you should eat, what to combine in a meal...

I am rather old school and try to tell my athletes to stick to basics and keep it very simple:

  1. - Everyone sort of knows what is NOT good to eat (junk food etc)

  2. - Everyone sort of knows what would be GOOD to eat (unprocessed foods of your choice)

  3. - Eat plenty of the good stuf - eat a lot less of the bad stuff.

  4. - Experiment and find the good stuff you like. There is no magic about certain foods - so try to find what you like. Dont eat x bananas per day (or the compulsary tasteless white rice/broccoli/chicken dogma )..."because my nutrition plan tells me to". Find a good cookbook and use it. Enjoy eating,

  5. - Start early on the day with food intake. Why - no magic - but it is just sort of a rat race - there are only so many "awake hours" in a day If you need to assure enough kcal intake - you will never be able to make the figures if you start eating only at lunchtime and skip breakfast. And stuffing yourself late in the evening makes you sleep very bad - and a big meal just before a workout requires a puke-bucket to be near you. The picture above is my standard 1st breakfast (500 gram full fat greek yoghurt, berries and granola .. (and yes at 10:00am I have a second breakfast... ;-))

  6. . Don't rely on weighscales - but do a Body composition analysis regularly (every 6-8 weeks) to see if you are on track (gaining fat/muscle, loosing fat/muscle .. whatevery your goals are - and adjust your Kcal intake accordingly in little steps.

  7. If you are overweight or looking for a sixpack - Don't stop eating (don't eat like a Germany's Next Topmodel) and try to train hard to loose weight. It does not work. You need lots of energy to work. First learn to work hard and enjoy eating healthy- and revert to point 1-6 above !!

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