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The DNA OF TrAining

Hey -- Everything is better than sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips and a bottle of beer if you want to get fit. If you move your body vigorously at least 2x per week for 20 minutes you can get “fit”. (yeah .. I know ... please define "fit" .. that is the whole crux here..) So indeed at the same time this approach is not good enough if you are pursuing a specific target. Also, the fast and motivating beginners’ results start to tail of into a plateau after a few months. When you keep doing the same volume, intensity and frequency of exercise – you will keep being as fit as you were. .. forever

Ok if that is what you want – and have the discipline to maintain things … but I have seen many people at this point stating that they “loose motivation” – because implicit they do have more ambitious goals, but just not getting there (and they don’t understand why) – and stop altogether working out and restart after a layoff of months .. enjoying the beginners results again ... and getting back to square one … for ever in an eternal vicious cycle ..

So what is the answer? If you define a specific objective, you need to get away from “exercise” and start to think “training”.

“Training” is really a cycle or several cycles of targeted progressive and undulating loading workouts embedded in a comprehensive program template. In other words: You need a systematic approach to training. Since you cannot be a good at everything – but only good at specific things when you focus on these for a period of time (despite that being what todays modern Crossfit training promises – sorry …) Program Templates can and should be widely different (ie specific) depending on the targets set:

- Powerlifting

- Weightlifting

- Strongman

- Bodybuilding

- Run a full marathon

- Support your golf game

- Injury prevention and strength work for soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball

- Recovery work

- Etc etc

It is like Boolean algebra (yeah … I am a mechanical engineer and had to learn all that stuff) dictates – Being good at everything means not being excellent at anything specific.

At ATC Sports we have – over the years - developed an extensive library of close to 200 specific program Templates for a vast array of Strength and Conditioning cases. These are well known tried and tested system systems (beg, steal and borrow eh ? – we have a cupboard full of sports related books at the gym .. old school stuff … I know…) – and my personal experience of 40 years of lifting and working with people has gone into many of the altered templates.

To effectively allow proper use of these tzemplatze to create results... - we have them - ready to use c/w weights to use (based on the athletes levels) - programmed in the XPS system (

We work with our athletes to provide them with the Training Program with the correct DNA to reach their objectives – and are able to coach and follow up due to all the information collected in the XPS system.

Due to this “right DNS” approach many of my powerlift team members have been able to squat 200 kg+ in about 2-3 years time. I also very often hear that sport people “think they feel they are getting better at their sports” after a few month of “right DNA” training … and I always tell them that that is not just an illusion…. Interested in a talk on the subject of training or XPS -- contact me !!


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