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Squat weak points spotting

Had some coaching fun in the gym - spotting weak point on this athlete. A pin squat - performed with overweight so the weight actually cannot move is a great way to spot if leg drive wins from core strength. When it does - the hips will shoot up first and the parallel shift / back angle with floor will decline.

This is exactly what happened here . When he perforned the push with a belt in he managed to stay in position (more core strength due to internal pressure build up) This means that the current limitation here for squats is core strength. So we decided to add on a good deal of pin good mornings in his program.

Finding ways to spot weak points truly appeals to my mechanical engineering degree - considering the body as a machine with levers, forces and torque. So much fun ! So many things not documenter yet in thus field — many tests to invent that will help my athletes !

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