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Restarting sucks. Working with athletes who had three month layoff shows how clever the body is to conserve energy. All systems you don’t use degenerate very fast. In about three to 4 weeks your endurance and strength/endurance start to take a serious nose dive. After some 6-8 weeks you loose also some 15-20% of you peak strength. When you restart every thing feels heavy, you tire fast and coordinating heavy things feels uncomfortable. The good news is that the body does have a memory effect built in - so in a week@of 2-3 you can get to 80-90% of the levels you were before the layoff - if you go about it in the right way. Also the longer your organized training period have been the jess if an impact shorter layoffs will have. So ...better is to properly periodise your year - vs uncontrolled layoffs. There is no reason to be in peak condition all year around - but you can make it a controlled process.

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