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Powerlift Contest

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

On 30 March 2019 we organised our first real full powerlift meet at ATC I am so happy with our ATC team volunteers, Herbert from the PAG and the competing athletes that made this day such a success We has athletes coming from the greater region ... but also one from the Bodensee ..5 hour drive I truly enjoyed the comradely between the athletes - the support and cheering for each other is just incredible st these powerlift meets The hall was also full of spectators during the whole meet in short I am a very happy coach sind ultra motivated to reheat this again later this year ..... but first in June we go with the ATC team to the German Championship in Thüringen — and then we Organise the Summer Strongman in the Center of Zluxembourg on Aug 10 th !!

Join the ATC team !!

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