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Just eat

I must be old school When it comes to eating properly for Sports. I was brought up by a mother who made us eat healthy stuff and plenty of it. Fresh Veggies from my grandfathers garden which I went to collect in my bicycle to see what the surprise menu of the day would be. Peas soup with pancakes as desert. Macaroni porridge (yeah really ... macaronis boiled in milk)

When eating is discussed today I get real confused... macros (a meal ?), carb counting, intuitive eating (yeah really... an approach that says you should eat when you are hungry ... revolutionary), reverse dieting (seems another word for gaining weight) supplement junkies (replacing supps for real food)... I am lost. The simplist thing on the world gets made very confusing.

For me it will always just remain simple — eat plenty of good stuff. We all know already what we should not be eating after all.

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