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It is MY Birthday party

I often get the question why the ATC gym is like it is.

The reasons is simple. It is the accumulation of learnings of being in strength training since 39 years ( I started 17 March 1981 - my 18th birthday). I am using that experience to create my every day birthday party atmosphere - trying to get as close as I can to how I see my ideal enviroment of a social - results and lessons for life creating - gym.

Equipment wise the gym contains everything that I have used since 1981 to get strong and stay strong. Everything that I never saw the use for did not make it into the gym. Of course we keep adding usefull pieces here and there - there is no end to learning.

Also the environmental setup like 24/7 access, no mirrors, having magnesium, a kitchen area .. and the social setup - the cap on membercount - having people greet and shake hands when they come in and say goodbye when they go - clean up after themselves, socially work out together in the same rack (beginers and advanced) is part of the environment. And we care that you show up and realise your goals. No alibi memberships at ATC.

Our Slogan "We Are Growing" further implicates that we have regular team training sessions together - to learn with each other and from each other -- and we invite the best of the best mentors over to the gym to learn from the best in workshop settings. I want a person that comes over to ATC to facilitate a workshop to know more or different things than me - otherwise it is not usefull to us all.. There is no end to learning (I already said this eh ?)

We also compete in powerlfiting and strongman as a team and organise competition ourselves. Another great way to learn what "performing" and supporting each other means.

The above does not always make a lot of commercial sense - but ATC is my passion project - and I love seeing people develop physically and mentally though being at ATC . My reward is my belief that I might be contributing at least 1% to them becoming better weaponed for life through the experience at the gym.

As a good friend of mine told me:

"We train individually, but we can only get strong together"

ATC Sports - "We Are Growing"


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