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I was there first

I get asked a lot what kind of gym ATC is ? Crossfit ? Functional training ? You must remember that I started lifting in 1981 at the age of 18 - so I started before all these fashionable things got invented. We just set objectives and did what was required to do bodybuilding, Powerlifting and strongman contests.

So it is simple — the equipment at ATC is what I have used in those 38 years to get strong and stay strong. Things I never saw as very usefull are not there.

The lack of mirrors - less fashionable clothes being worn - no one wearing lifting gloves, presence of magnesium and 24/24/7 access ... and people greeting each other and sharing power racks when they come to the gym also comes from my image of what a gym should be like.

If you have a well defined fitness goal or want to become a better athlete ? Join ATC.

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