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easy, HArd, simple & complicated

When training weights - for any fitness goal purpose - many people shy away from putting the real consistent result generating work in through the main basic exercises - squat, deadlift, standing press and benchpress - according a well defined program, suited to fit their training level.

Why ? Because they are HARD to do - when programmed for real results.

You have 4 options to choose from :EASY or HARD combined with SIMPLE or COMPLEX - and the abiliy to combine them into 3 "chicken-out scenarios, and 1 real working option !

People often fool themselves into believing that 3 alternative approaches that leave them sweating and exhausted - are a substitute for creating real results - they are not:

- Option 1: SIMPLE and EASY : Do the main movements - but program them wrong - no progression planning, weigths to low, try to test yourslef every day vs real training, so half squats, bouncy bench press, push press with legs, bounce deadlifts off the floor with rubber plates...

- Option 2: COMPLICATED and EASY: Substitute the main moves for sub-parr alternatives .. bosuball squats, leg extensions, endless support moves, - to much, to often with low weights.

- Option 3. COMPLICATED and HARD: Use the main movements but to much other stuff ...Copy the published programs of Mr Olympia, 5x per week biceps pre-exhaustion, do 5 main leg moves on 1 day.. overtrain, .. get very

tired...using low weights, use forced reps, negatives, bro-help/spotting etc etc ..

- Option 4 - SIMPLE and HARD : Yeah - now we are there !! Creating results is about keeping things simple - use the main movements -- learn the techniques - progressive programing models -- examples: Work through a proven 5x5 template for months, Do wendler, Do a european progression cycle for 16 weeks ...Use real conjugate templates. Look at what people like Candito do - their templates are SIMPLE but HARD.

The question in the end is - YOU KNOW IT CAN BE DONE - BUT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO IT ?

Come and see me at ATCSports for a chat about real programing and real results - My passion is to share my 37 years of lifting experience with you.


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