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These days .....these days ....


... people talk a lot about "functional training" or all kind of fragmentation and out-of-context training approaches and methods that seem to become near religions (if you are not in favour of my revolutionary method, you must be against it..) . Since the 80's I have been doing nothing but lifting weights, draging stuff around and lift bizarre things ... and now all of a sudden someone "invents" funtional training ?? - and they ASK ME what I call what I am doing ? Man.. please...I just lift, drag, hinge, jump, run, squat, pull and push ... I am totally agnostic towards all the modern fragmentations. Just define your goal, use from the OVERALL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING TOOLBOX what is required to get there .. and go ... it is SIMPLE BUT NOT EASY. Want help ? Come and work with me at ATCSports.

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