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BIG Bench

Since some months I have been collecting thoughts on how I got to get a reasonable bench press - despite my long arms and not really being a flexibel "arch" person. So over th eyears it has been all about getting jacked, keep working on weak points and "power" off the chest - ie a lot of athletic speed training - coupled with a lot of persistance and "keeping whole". At my last competetion I did 172,5 kg raw - in the gym last week I did 180 PL style and 185 a bit more sloppy ... I have asked Johny De Witte - a fellow strong bencher from the small town I grew up in to go over the article - before I publish it. Lets see what I do at the next Europeans in Schleusingen - for the moment I have teh firm believe to ste a decent PR there again - at 55 years old - still getting stronger - old man power !

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