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Bars Mania

When people walk in at ATCSports - I see 2 basic reactions. People that “get” our concept and other that “don’t”.

The second group finds it weird that we don’t have a huge section with cardio apparatus, no isolation machines, no mirrors, no televisions and that we don’t allow lifting gloves ... and that the gym due to that sort of looks pretty empty.

The first groups walks in a start to grin ear to ear ... because they see lifting platforms, magnesium, all kind of strongman equipment, competition benches, squat racks, monolift, the, Matt Wennings Belt squat, reverse hyper ..... and a vast array of speciality bars

We have SSB, chambered, Texas squat and Texas deadlift, fat bar, fat sz, long loadable rogue dumbbell, Swiss bar, football bar, ladies bar, bow-bar, regular weightlifting bars ...calibrated plates

...and this week we add the Ohio Power Bar. That one is stiff for deadlifts (unlike the whippy Texas bar) and is great for squats (but thinner and 20 vs 25 kg then the Texas squat bar

We will keep listing to our athletes - and develop our array of special equipment based on the need of the group that is getting stronger and stronger.

It is great fun to find tune our toolkit for our powerliters and strongmen !

If you are serious about lifting - come and see us !


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