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what is holding you back ?

Ever wondered why a powerlifter or strongman can usually move more weight vs an equal jacked bodybuilder? take the time to read and digest the attached pdf document - an extensive article written by Mark Notschaele and LUNEX student Nizar !


  • How do we develop strength anyway ?

  • What is muscular inhibition?

  • “Train for success”. Stop the tendency to make every workout be a heroic event, where you go over your capabilities

Most champions are built by punch the clock workouts rather than extraordinary efforts.” – Dan John

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Response inhibition is essential for navigating everyday life. Its derailment is considered integral to numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders, and more generally, to a wide range of behavioral and health problems. The aim of this literature was to identify the importance of preventing inhibition and to provide a consensus recommendation and point out problems that can arise when they are not followed. Therefore, we provide user-friendly advice to facilitate the correct implementation of the task, the effect of lowering the inhibition level on the anatomical, physiological, and psychological developments.

Inhibition - What is holding you back
Download PDF • 430KB

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