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We Are Growing

Looking grumpy - but really in good spirits. All of a sudden realizing that I am wearing my vintage KSC Groovy shirt - one of the first gyms I trained at in the 1980-s. A small friends gym in Axel Zeeuwsvlaanderen, NL over a pub called ... Groovy.

The slogan “We Are Growing” comes from there. And I revived and use it for the ATCSports gym. So it is a funny feeling and sentiment to stand in front of our ATC logo with this vintage shirt — bridging 40 years — linked up through the slogan.

I love the slogan dearly - because - while new athletes

associate it with bigger biceps — they learn overtime it has to do with mental growth and development. It has accompanied me throughout my adult life - always present in the back of my head as a guiding principle.

We Are Growing — Learn to have persistence, patience, deal with setbacks, celebrate success, listen to a mentor, set goals, plan, be respectful to beginners, learn how to solve problems ... the lists goes on and on. And it for sure rubs off positively on dealing with other aspects of life - outside sports : school, work, business, relationships ...

I always enjoy seeing this deep Realisation develop in the athletes at ATC.

You think you are ATC material ? Message me to set up a talk.

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