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Powerlifting Team Competition

To make Powerlifting a team event and get socializing going in our region we invented a team competition modus which works excellent !

we set up our openlifter application for 2 teams where each lifter boy or girl with 1 weight class to 999 does individual squat, bench and deadlift. The point system we use is ipf dots (but one can also use new Wilks of course. IPF dots has rating for individual lifts - where IPF good lift only has full SDB or bench only.

To determine the winning team we take the X-2 best lifts on points out of each discipline (where X is the amount of lifters of the smaller team). This way the weakest lifts are eliminated - allowing also beginners / starters to do the contest without being a burdon on the team result. Also people who want to / can only bench etc can be included in the team competition.

At the end we download the results out of openlifter and do a bit of voodoo in xls to list the winning team and best lifters and even overall personal ranking in points.

We did this a few times now - and it is always a great event — with a true social as aspect - a we always have a good barbecue and drinks with the team afterward.

If you want to have / plan a match against our Silverbacks team - please contact us !

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