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Strongman - Powerlifting : a perfect combination !

ATC we are very much dedicated to making people strong. To that extent we have an array of Classic and speciality barbells, safety racks, bands, chains etc - to perform true conjugate weight training. On the other hand we have a true pretty complete arsenal of strongman implements available. Atlas stones, Husafell stones, yoke, Farmers, giant dumbbels, car deadlift, fat bar, duckwalk, sled …. and our latest additions the cart wheels and iron cross (picture).

We very much believe that to develop into a real strongman you need to work on basic lifts and technique a lot along side the implement training. Strongman is not a fashion sports - you can seriously hurt yourself if you try to manipulate a stone of 100 kg - if you can hardly do a 100 kg deadlift. If you can deadlift 200 kg with proper form - the 100 kg stone will not be dangerous to handle.

Reversely we believe that to become a high end Powerlifter - you benefit enormously from strongman training - as it creates a true stability strength platform. If you do strongman stuff - like 300 kg yoke walks for 20 meters — a walk out for a regular squat with 250 kg will not intimidate you at all.

All the above should be wrapped up in a structured Programm - which we provide through our XPS platform - and regular checks at our team workouts.

This old school approach is simple but not easy.

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