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Silverbacks First Step Meet

Sunday 29 Jan 2023 the 2nd edition of the first step meet was held in the ATC sports gym in Koerich, Luxembourg.

The meet was was organized by the Silverbacks Strengthsports team - who have their training base at the ATC gym. Support was given by the PWF federation (ipf affiliate for Luxembourg) - who provided the officials.

The meet was intended to give beginning athletes - many who are not even affiliated yet to a federation - a way to discover what a real Powerlift competitions is all about.

There we some 40 enthusiast athletes - 1 flight of ladies - 3 flights of men - ranging in age from 13 to 55 - setting many Personal Bests at the meet - cheered upon by a crowd of loud spectators. Athletes came from the greater lux region - Belgium, Germany, France and of course Luxembourg.

Looking forward to the next edition in 2024

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