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blöd STArk

Who needs this stuff ? Today our 100 kg ball arrived - and you see me here hauling it in to my car (yeah the old man can still lift it with some ease!) ... we outgrew our 75 kg version... some of us anyway.... Whats with those heavy balls ? Mind you - If have quite some conversations in the gym about "how do I increase my main lifts". My answer is usually that one needs to aim to get "insanely strong" (Blöd Stark in german)

With that I mean that apart from squats, hinge, press and pull - you need to carry and drag heavy stuff around - do strongman things. This puts you in a non-favourable position and teaches an athlete how to "brace and stay safe" - and on top get a whole wack to cardio-kick ... and in the mix acquire some real mental toughness (after pllaying around with a 100 kg ball your heavy single squats resemble a holiday). ...Farmers walks, yoke walks, playing with a heavy sled - you name it... One of my favourtites (because it is sooo simple, but daunting, is to carry a ball around for a minute at a time and keep breathing... Try it out .. come and see me ..

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