The complete strength coach curriculum



The Complete Strength Coach Curriculum: 


Powerlifting is exciting sports in its own right. The modern powerlifting type of strength training is however, also a superb base for nearly any type of athlete - as it develops power, strength, explosivity and coordination. In addition, it reduces injury rate in the main sport.  

The curriculum that Mark and Pjotr have put together is based on a joint 75+ years of training, competing and coaching experience in powerlifting. 


This course is targeted at the following groups: 

- A person who aims to become a powerlifting coach. 

- Powerlifting athletes.  

- Strength coaches for athletes and sports teams.

- Athletes with a desire for indepth knowledge about strength training. 

- Personal trainers. 

- General public fitness coaches.   

The objective of the course is to convey a real-world practical usable toolbox to create better performing Powerlifters and Sports Athletes.  


Subjects Covered: 

The history of powerlifting 

The 3 lifts - theory and practice 

Noticing, analyzing and improving of the weak points 



Nutrition for strength athletes 

Gym Safety  

Injury prevention 

Sport Psychology 

Anti Doping 

Powerlifting rules 

Powerlifting meets practice 

Equipment knowledge 


The curriculum is as follows:  

- Duration: 3 months 

- 5 onsite 2 days session weekends 

- 9 online sessions 


Start Date:   21-11-2021 

End Date:    20-02-2022 


On-site sessions:

20/21   Nov 2021

18/19   Dec 2021

8/9      Jan 2022

29/30  Jan 2022

19/20  Feb 2022

Online sessions (always from 19:00 / 20:30)

23  Nov 2021

30 Nov 2021

21  Dec 2021

4   Jan 2022

11  Jan 2022

18 Jan 2022

25 Jan 2022

1    Feb 2022

15  Feb 2022


Certification Criteria: 

- Attendance 

- Homework assignments 

- Theory Exam 

- Practical Didactics Exam 

- Paper/Report on guiding athletes 



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8399 Koerich 




Regular € 2199  

Regular – (1@ registration, 4 monthly) 5 installments @439,80 

Early bird full payment 10% discount  

Early bird monthly installment - 5% discount - 5 installments (1@ registration, 4 monthly) 


Early bird .. Booking before 1 October 2021 

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Contact us info@atcsports.lu for more info or pre-registration

Your Instructors: 


Pjotr Van Den Hoek  

  • Coach Wageningen University, Tilburg University and Eindhoven University, the Netherlands 

  • Headmaster Dalarna University, Powerlifting course, Sweden  

  • International athlete 20 years. 

  • International CAT 1 referee 

  • International Powerlifting coach level 2 

  • National coach Dutch juniors and seniors 

  • Highest IPF points in the Netherlands 

  • Second place Powerlifting in the World 

  • Third place Powerlifting in Europe 

  • First place bench press in Europe 

  • Athlete representative International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) 


Mark Notschaele 

  • Mechanical Engineer, owner and founder of ATC Sports - has been lifting weights since 1981. 

  • He has vast knowledge of all aspects of strength training. Over the decades he was engaged in soccer, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, 42km marathons and off-road motorbike rallies. He is still actively competing in Powerlifting and Strongman. 

  • He studied "Strength&Conditioning" at the ISSA, holds a trainer certificate in Olympic Lifting, is an official Powerlifting Trainer recognised by the Dutch Strength Sports Federation, and studied Sports Psychology at uni in Nijmegen, NL. 

  • He is teaching Sports Performance Management Organisation at the LUNEX Sport University and is Country Manager for Sideline Sports XPS .