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XPS Network is the essential coaching platform focusing on the key elements of Planning, Analysis and Communication. We are the proud local representatives of the XPS Network.  We provide guidance, implementation and user support for XPS adoption at sports federations, clubs and personal trainers.

At ATC we use XPS extensively - Program results tracking and communication is done based on information shared with our trainees on our collaboration platform - We are programming, tracking trainees - wherever they are - through the XPS Network 

For all trainees at the ATC we provide a gym slot reservation system.

Developing a fitness lifestyle and strength is beneficial for your health, aging well, self-confidence and/or can be an objective&sport in itself. Strength&Speed (Power) provides an excellent base for dramatically improving your performance in nearly any kind of sports.

During a structured intake and fitness assesment, your objectives and program are established. Tailoring of the program to your personal objectives are always part of the approach. At ATC you will be required to have clear objectives and work towards those in a disciplined manner

Personal goals can range from being able to keep your swing after a 4 hour long golf course, gain strength and muscle mass during or after weight loss, core training to avoid back pains or support serious "power" conditioning for serious amateur or professional level sports like soccer, martial arts, track&field, basketball, handball, rugby etc ...or of course just plain "weighlifting, powerlifting or bodybuilding objectives in itself.

For those who are new to Strength Training ATC offer a series of effective basic power programs - based on compound movements following our RAISE principles. These programs will get you familiar with resistance & weight training movements and conditioned for the next steps toward real strength development.

For those who have experience in fitness training we will apply intermediate and advanced training methods accompanied by levels of intensity that you probably never experienced before. Our training sessions are brief, very intense and infrequent. We create results through our to our  RAISE principles and get inspired by Calisthenics, Olympic lifting and Powerlifting and High Intensity practices. To name a few: WestSide Barbell, Heavy Duty, PITT force, Juggernaut, Smolov, Candito, Sheiko, Texas, Wendler 5/3/1, Litvinov, Javorek methods


We are dedicated early adopters of the brand new and innovative  PushStrength bar-velocityperformance measurement technology.