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fittaste - health & body food

Combining a training program with proper nutrition is crutial to reaching fitness lifestyle goals, improving your health and getting and/or staying lean. Without adhering to a healthy diet, your exercise program will not be as effective.

The ATC promotes sound nutritional guidelines - based on eating unprocessed foods and reducing your carbohydrate dependence. Our approach is easy to follow and there is no need for strict diets that only work short term. Your trainer will teach you simple dietary strategies, and painless changes that will help you achieve your fitness goals more quickly. You'll look better, feel better and be happier following time-tested fat loss techniques instead of diets.

Have a look at how our athletes eat on our AthletesFoodBlog

We are proud to be a reseller of "J-M.Bs Powerfood's" and "Fit taste"

We plan and track your foodplan through our XPS network.

As a service to our Trainees and West-Luxembourg - ATC is Fit-Taste reseller and distribution point !