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The ATC team - a passion for sports

Dipl-Ing Mark Notschaele - Mechanical Engineer and Owner and founder of ATC - (born in 1963) has been working out with weights since 1981. He has extensive energy and a vast knowledge of all aspects of strength training. In 2014 he engaged in certifying as a specialist in "Strength&Conditioning" at the ISSA (International Sports Science Association led by Dr Fred Hatfield (Mr Squat)), holds a trainer certificate in Olympic Lifting and is an official Powerlifting Trainer recognised by the Dutch Strength Sports Federation, and currently studies Sports Psychology at uni in Nijmegen, NL (2017). Mark played soccer, competed at national level in bodybuilding and strongman contests in the Netherlands and is currently still actively competing in International Powerlifting - holding several world records in the masters 3, -125kg class. He runs full marathons and trail runs. He also engages in enduro offroad motorcycling. His passion is to uplift, motivate, and push each person to his/her limits. He loves everything about fitness and enjoys sharing his passion with others.


Lauren Crisp - is our agility and sports specialist. She is a Luxembourg national squash player and fitness enthusiast. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Science and Management from Loughborough University. Many sports benefit from the practice of strength training for faster reaction time in order to gain a competitive edge.  It's especially difficult for women to perk up the courage to pick up a weighted barbell infront of men in a gym. ATC is a very welcoming and encouraging environment which embraces women lifters from beginners to experts. Fear not ladies - you will not turn into the Hulk - lifting gives you better shape through toning and creates a stronger leaner appearance. It boosts confidence as a woman and it makes you feel more powerful.


Marks sons Steffen and Timo (twins - born in 1996) started working out at ATC in 2010. Through strict adherance to the basic principles of effective strength training and display of personal discipline they are making tremendous gains. They frequenty facilitate introduction and coaching sessions for youngsters to show them what real effective strength training is all about and pass on their enthusiasm. Since strength is a super basis for other sports - they both also engage in martial arts, running and swimming - and currently study Business Management (2017)





Tiziano Gasparro is ATC's specialised nutrition coach. He guides people towards bodycomposition change through a no-nonsense adaptation of eating habits. He holds a B-License in Nutrition Science. Having a long soccer sports background Tiziano developed into a talented powerlifting athlete - actively competing in this sports on international level.