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ATC is a "per invitation only private gym" - The following guidelines, principles and rules of conduct apply. When members are in violation they disqualify themselves from membership.


  • Always have clear objectives and excute towards them
  • Membership obliges you to make other members of the gym become stronger than yourself - if they get stronger it will their duty to make your stronger than them.
  • Compete and compare with yourself - always strive improve your own personal best - not put down others, no bitching - help others to become stronger with your help, input, insights and motivation.
  • Lift weights and exercise for yourself - motivation comes from inside of you - it is ok to have a real passion - you have yours, others have theirs.
  • Ignore negative comments from inside or outside the gym. Explain what we do and why you like it so much, but do not (try to) defend.
  • Be an advocate for the gym not a bully - create fans for the strength sport- not enemies.


  • Start to push yourself where others stop - focus on strenght/speed/endurance building - 1 rep more, 1 kg more - every workout - is what makes the difference.
  • Use the conjugated system of periodisation - No offseason.
  • Growing muscle size is preceded by building real strength. there is no such things as "too strong".
  • Maintain an accurate training log, strive for records on the "board" in the gym - don´t fool yourself on "progress". Analyze, adjust, learn, do.
  • Maintain exercise form - "treat light as heavy and heavy as light"
  • Think positive - "Those who can, will" versus "I can´t". Make real sacrifices for progress.
  • Get enough rest - Training should be brief, intense, brutal, infrequent. This is a prerequisite for maximizes results.


  • Balance your life - Lifting should be "a passion" not "the only passion" - use the acquired skills of focus, endurance, comradery, humility and passion to excell in other important areas of your life : study, relationships, family, friends, work.
  • Engage in social activities - spend time with friends, family.
  • Do not be afraid to engage in other (team) sports. It will help you on your (very) long term motivation and provides for a good fitness balance. Strength is a solid base to do well in many other sports.
  • Strive to become your best "you".


  • Working out and spotting is serious business - concentration is everything. Serious injuries or worse for yourself or others can result from gross negligence. 
  • Prevent injuries - Warm Up carefully before and Stretch after a workout
  • Magnesium is explicitely allowed (safety first)
  • Leave your Gym tidy and clean after a workout.
  • No Anabolics
  • No Smoking