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The ATC is a private instructional strength development gym, with the aim to teach young and old, male and female to pursue a fitness lifestyle - and what physical-, mental-, strength-, and character building is all about: Persist, endure, respect, learn, plan, be patient, create results - which are alll transferable skills to other parts of your personal life.

Strength is the results of developing the aspects of Force, Speed, Endurance and Mental Resilience - in any desired mix - towards your personal ambitions - being it weight loss, (re)starting and enabling dealing with the ballistics of fitness activities like running, hiking skiing, bicycling - the stress of everyday life - aging well - or underpin your serious sports ambitions.

The ATC takes a direct holistic, no-nonsense approach - underpinned by proven concepts - to strength and mental skills training. Our training sessions are brief, very intense and infrequent. We develop our physical training programs around our RAISE principles and we promote usage of calisthenics (bodyweight movements), Olympic lifting and Powerlifting practices, High Intensity techniques and further proven methods in combination with solid periodization practices.

We provide teh required mental skills training tracks to underpin and assure objective realisation.

 RAISE is described in this article and stands for:

  • R:  Rest well
  • A: Alternate exercises frequently
  • I : Intensity matters
  • S: Short workout
  • E: Eat well

Our approach is not for the faint of heart - but the reward leads to impressive strength gains - a trainee requires a high level of commitment to work out with the ATC crew

We provide personalized programs and coaching means for every workout and for every exercise through our XPS Network  We teach you proper movement, form and technique - track and analyse your results.

You will be confronted with levels of intensity that you may not even realize existed. 

Since we are committed to excel at creating results - we adopt BIA (BodyCompositionAnalysis), the PushStrength, and Vert systems.

Our facility is accessible 7/7/24, to allow our trainees to "stick to their program" - our gym slots are by reservation.